Bom-Bane’s will be closing after first week of Aug (except for pre-booked meals and music/puppetry events not involving JB-B), and re-opening for events and ‘pop-up’ foodie nights with Andre and Eliza only after that, till further notice. This is because Jane Bom-Bane will be out of action for a while due to illness.

If you need to contact us, please email Eliza at elizaskelton@sky.com

If you are Lauren who’s booked 5 for 17th August, could you get in touch, please? Many thanks.

‘Bom-Bane’s is a magical island in time’ Robin Williamson
Best Venue 3Weeks Award Brighton Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Spirit of the Fringe Award (Jane Bom-Bane)


Bom-Bane’s is a licensed cafe-restaurant run by musician Jane Bom-Bane and situated in the Brighton (not the Hove) George St. It features delicious Belgian and other European dishes, along with the Aesop’s Tables, Tablerone, TurnTable, Twenty-Seven Chimes Table,
 Uns-Table and Water Table.






 Nick Pynn