We are working on ways to re-open our small place safely, but it might be a while till we can. Probably September.
In the meantime, we’re sorting out and sprucing up the place, inside and outside so it’s all nice for when you all come back!
Watch this space…

‘Bom-Bane’s is a magical island in time’ Robin Williamson
Best Venue 3Weeks Award Brighton Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Spirit of the Fringe Award (Jane Bom-Bane)

Opening Hours TBC

Enquiries TEXT 07764 515583 
or email


Bom-Bane’s is a licensed cafe-restaurant run by musician Jane Bom-Bane and situated in the Brighton (not the Hove) George St. It features delicious Belgian and other European dishes, along with the Aesop’s Tables, Tablerone, TurnTable, Twenty-Seven Chimes Table,
 Uns-Table and Water Table. We often have music nights, and if you would like to trigger a Jane Bom-Bane’s Greatest Hats and Matching Songs night, with set meal beforehand (£20 a head), then just let us know and we’ll advertise it for others to join you! 






 Nick Pynn