We are open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm just in the evenings for now, and for pre-booked socially allowed groups only.

Bookings: janebombane@yahoo.co.uk or TEXT message 07764 515583

For groups of 6 or more, you can order either the post lockdown table buffet for everyone, or from the usual menu below the buffet for everyone. (Sorry, we won’t be able to mix buffet and usual menu for a group – one or t’other!)
For groups under 6
, just from the usual menu below.

Individual Table Buffet and Afters – for 6 or more (which we’ll include/exclude/adapt to your requirements) £18.50 a head
Ballekes: Belgian meatballs cooked in cherry beer and soured cherries (for meat eaters only)
Aubergine Involtini – homemade vegan cheese infused with dill and thyme wrapped in griddled aubergine (for veggies and vegans only)
… along with these for all:
Caramelised red onion and goat’s cheese (or vegan cheese) cigarillos
Tomato & Olive salad with sun-dried toms and garlic
Cauliflower, raisin, pinenut, caper & spinach salad
Feta, courgette and mint frittata (home made hummus instead for vegans)
New potato salad
Nuts, olives and seeds
Varied bread baskets (we have gluten-free)
Celebratory wafflettes hot off the iron, with fruit and ice cream (or vegan fruit and sorbet) for afters.



Bom-Bane Plate – a good one to share (or have all to yourself for a main!) Marinated mixed peppers & aubergine, hummus, mozzarella, slow-roast tomato, olives & bread basket £9.75 (A sharing plate for more than two will be an extra £1 per person)

Bowl of homemade soup served with bread basket  £5.25

Olives in a fennel, garlic & orange marinade, roasted nuts and seeds £4.50

Smoked mackerel pate with pickled red onion & cucumber and toasted rye bread £6.95

Tartine with side salad – an open sandwich with hummus & slow-roast tomatoes (vegan) £6.95

Sausage sandwich with caramelised onions and side salad £6.95


Bom-Bane’s Stoemp and Sausage – two or three ‘Nothing added’ sausages, served with mashed potatoes mixed with seasonal veg, caramelised onions and sauce.  £12.95. Choose from:

Oxford Pork with Belgian beer gravy

Churrizo with tomato and red wine sauce

Bom-Banger of the Month. Please ask!

Cumberland veggie/vegan sausages with choice of gravy

Gluten-free available.

Grilled goat’s cheese salad – with honeyed beetroot or slow roast tomatoes, toasted walnuts & mixed leaves with an orange, honey and balsamic dressing. Served with bread basket (v) £9.95

Bom-Bane Plate (see above for details)

Fish Bouride – monkfish and locally caught fish of the day, carrots, celeriac, leeks, fennel, red pepper, roasted squash, capers & onions in a thyme, white wine & parsley broth. Served with spinach mash   £12.95

Chicken Waterzooi – Chicken slow-poached in Gueuze beer and cream broth with aromatic vegetables (celeriac, carrots & leek). Served with stoemp   £12.95

Ballekes – Belgian meatballs cooked in cherry beer with soured cherries and butter-braised greens. Served with stoemp  £12.95

Vegan Aubergine Involtini – homemade vegan cheese infused with dill and thyme wrapped in griddled aubergine with smoked paprika and red wine, tomato, red pepper & balsamic sauce. Served with rice, flatbread and salad £11.95 (vegan)

Vegan South Indian Curry – braised root vegetables & cashew nuts, in a lime, lemongrass & coconut sauce. Served with sourdough flat bread & rice (vegan) £11.95

Children’s Dishes

Bom-Baby Plate – kids choose what they’d like us to put on a small plate £3.95

Children’s Sausage & Mash with ketchup or gravy & carrot sticks or similar  £3.95

Or please let us know  if your child would prefer a smaller plate or combination of any of our other mains, or have some of yours..


Mixed salad bowl £4.25 

Extra bread & butter basket £2.00   

Garlic bread £3.50

For vegan or gluten-free please ask us. All dishes are made on the premises & are from local suppliers. Whilst every effort is made, due to the size of our kitchen, we cannot guarantee our dishes to be nut & wheat-free. Please tell us if you have a food allergy or intolerance.

In the evening, we add a 10% service charge


Irish Coffee – or similar   £4.50

Homemade chocolate, orange and walnut brownie   £4.25 (with ice/cream £4.95) Vegan available

Liège Waffle – hot off the iron with fresh fruit & ice/cream    £4.50

Plain Liège Waffle   £3.25

Chocowafflettes  –  4 little Belgian chocolate waffles with ice/cream  4.25

Fresh fruit – with a drizzle of honey, Greek yoghurt, ice cream or cream   £4.50

Vanilla or Home made Stem Ginger Ice Cream or Vegan Coconut Sorbet, with fruit coulis   £3.75


Brugse Zot (6.5%)  £6.75
Spicy & fruity aroma, hints of lemon & oranges, refreshing dryness, balanced by an underlying faint malty sweetness. Gold award at World Beer Cup 2006

Blanche de Bruxelles  (4.5%)  £5.50
Spicy and intensely aromatic wheat beer

St Barnadus (8.5%)  £7
Fresh, fruity white beer

Kriekbeer (4.5%)  £6.25
Cherry beer – fruity and slightly bitter

Framboise (5%)  £7
Raspberry beer – fruity, sweet and slightly bitter

Orval (6.2%)  £6.75
A fruity and slightly acidic taste, great character and complexity. Fermented three times with three different malts and two types of hops

Kasteel (11%) £7
Malty, sweet, rich flavour. Hints of caramel, chocolate and spice!

Boon Geuze (7%)  £6.50
Very fruity aroma with an underlying sourness & hint of sweetness. The finish is short and sour

Mongozo (5%)  £5.75
Gluten-free, organic and Fair Trade Pils

Jupiler (0.5%)  £4
Low alcohol variant of Belgium’s favourite pilsner

Stella Artois (5.2%)  £3.95

Leffe Blond or Brune (6.6%)  £5.50

Dry Cider  £4.50

Spirits (25ml measures)

Gordon’s Dry Gin – £4

Smirnoff Vodka – £4

Tequila – £4

House Brandy – £4 

Martell – £4.25


Captain Morgan Dark Rum – £4

Famous Grouse – £4

Jack Daniels – £4.25

Bell’s – £4

Glenfiddich (12 year) – £4.25

Cointreau – £4

Disaronno – £4


Baileys (50ml) – £4.25

Kahlua – £4

Malibu – £4

Midori – £4

Sambuca – £4

Mixers – 50p                    


Reds by the bottle/or glass:

Merlot Peculiar Mr Pat (Australia) £15.95 / £5.75

Rosso Piceno Organic (Italy 2009) £16.95 / £6.50

Artesa Rioja Red Organic (Spain) £17.50 / £6.75

Whites by the bottle/or glass:

Sauvignon False Bay (S Africa) £15.95 / £5.75

Muscadet Sever et Maine (France) £17.95 / £6.95

Rioja White organic (Italy) £17.50 / £6.75


Rosé by the bottle or glass:

False Bay (S Africa) £14.95 / £5.50

by the bottle only:

La Chapelle Premier Cru
(France)   £39.50

Sparkling Wine by the bottle only:

Prosecco Domenico de Bertiol £19.95

Irish Coffee – or similar   £4.50

Fair Trade Tea   £2.20

Selection of herbal teas   £2.20

Cappuccino / White coffee   £2.30/2.60 (large)

Espresso £2/ 2.50 (double)

Latte / Mocca  £2.30

Hot Chocolate £2.30

Black Coffee  £2.00 /2.20 (large)

Selection of fruit juices & soft drinks   £2

Lemonade San Pellegrino £2.50

Elderflower cordial  £2.50

Soya milk, oat milk and decaff coffee 20p 

Homemade chocolate, orange and walnut brownie   £4.25 (with ice/cream £4.95)

Liège Waffle – hot off the iron with fresh fruit & ice/cream    £4.50

Plain Liège Waffle   £3.25

Chocowafflettes  –  4 little Belgian chocolate waffles with ice/cream   £4.25

Fresh fruit – with a drizzle of honey, Greek yoghurt, ice cream or cream   £4.50

Vanilla or Stem Ginger Ice Cream, or Vegan Coconut Sorbet, with fruit coulis   £3.75)