We are open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm just in the evenings for now.

For our December Musical and Meal see the Christmas page

Bookings: janebombane@yahoo.co.uk or TEXT message 07764 515583

For groups of 6 or more, you can order the Bom-Banquet buffet for everyone, or from the usual menu below the buffet. (Sorry, we won’t be able to mix buffet and usual menu for a group – one or t’other!)
For groups under 6
, just from the USUAL MENU below the buffet one here:

Individual Table Buffet and Afters – for 6 or more (which we’ll include/exclude/adapt to your requirements) £18.50 a head
Ballekes: Belgian meatballs cooked in cherry beer and soured cherries (for meat eaters only)
Aubergine Involtini – homemade vegan cheese infused with dill and thyme wrapped in griddled aubergine (for veggies and vegans only)
… along with these for all:
Caramelised red onion and goat’s cheese (or vegan cheese) cigarillos
Tomato & Olive salad with sun-dried toms and garlic
Cauliflower, raisin, pinenut, caper & spinach salad
Feta, courgette and mint frittata (home made hummus instead for vegans)
New potato salad
Nuts, olives and seeds
Varied bread baskets (we have gluten-free)
Celebratory wafflettes hot off the iron, with fruit and ice cream (or vegan fruit and sorbet) for afters.



Bom-Bane Plate – a good one to share (or have all to yourself for a main!) Marinated mixed peppers & aubergine, hummus, mozzarella, slow-roast tomato, olives & bread basket £9.75 (A sharing plate for more than two will be an extra £1 per person)

Bowl of homemade soup served with bread basket  £5.25

Olives in a fennel, garlic & orange marinade, roasted nuts and seeds £4.50

Smoked mackerel pate with pickled red onion & cucumber and toasted rye bread £6.95

Tartine with side salad – an open sandwich with hummus & slow-roast tomatoes (vegan) £6.95

Sausage sandwich with caramelised onions and side salad £6.95


Bom-Bane’s Stoemp and Sausage – three local organic ‘Nothing added’ sausages, served with mashed potatoes mixed with seasonal veg, caramelised onions and sauce.  £12.95. Choose from:

Oxford Pork with Belgian beer gravy

Churrizo with tomato and red wine sauce

Bom-Banger of the Month. Please ask!

Cumberland veggie/vegan sausages with choice of gravy

Gluten-free available.

Grilled goat’s cheese salad – with honeyed beetroot or slow roast tomatoes, toasted walnuts & mixed leaves with an orange, honey and balsamic dressing. Served with bread basket (v) £9.95

Bom-Bane Plate (see above for details)

Fish Bouride – monkfish and locally caught fish of the day, carrots, celeriac, leeks, fennel, red pepper, roasted squash, capers & onions in a thyme, white wine & parsley broth. Served with spinach mash   £12.95

Chicken Waterzooi – Chicken slow-poached in Gueuze beer and cream broth with aromatic vegetables (celeriac, carrots & leek). Served with stoemp   £12.95

Ballekes – Belgian meatballs cooked in cherry beer with soured cherries and butter-braised greens. Served with stoemp  £12.95

Vegan Aubergine Involtini – homemade vegan cheese infused with dill and thyme wrapped in griddled aubergine with smoked paprika and red wine, tomato, red pepper & balsamic sauce. Served with rice, flatbread and salad £11.95 (vegan)

Vegan South Indian Curry – braised root vegetables & cashew nuts, in a lime, lemongrass & coconut sauce. Served with sourdough flat bread & rice (vegan) £11.95

Children’s Dishes

Bom-Baby Plate – kids choose what they’d like us to put on a small plate £3.95

Children’s Sausage & Mash with ketchup or gravy & carrot sticks or similar  £3.95

Or please let us know  if your child would prefer a smaller plate or combination of any of our other mains, or have some of yours…


Mixed salad bowl £4.25 

Extra bread & butter basket £2.00   

Garlic bread £3.50

For vegan or gluten-free please ask us. All dishes are made on the premises & are from local suppliers. Whilst every effort is made, due to the size of our kitchen, we cannot guarantee our dishes to be nut & wheat-free. Please tell us if you have a food allergy or intolerance.

In the evening, we add a 10% service charge


Irish Coffee – or similar   £4.50

Homemade chocolate, orange and walnut brownie   £4.25 (with ice/cream £4.95) Vegan available

Liège Waffle – hot off the iron with fresh fruit & ice/cream    £4.50

Plain Liège Waffle   £3.25

Chocowafflettes  –  4 little Belgian chocolate waffles with ice/cream  4.25

Fresh fruit – with a drizzle of honey, Greek yoghurt, ice cream or cream   £4.50

Vanilla or Home made Stem Ginger Ice Cream or Vegan Coconut Sorbet, with fruit coulis   £3.75


Brugse Zot (6.5%)  £6.75
Spicy & fruity aroma, hints of lemon & oranges, refreshing dryness, balanced by an underlying faint malty sweetness. Gold award at World Beer Cup 2006

Blanche de Bruxelles  (4.5%)  £5.50
Spicy and intensely aromatic wheat beer

St Barnadus (8.5%)  £7
Fresh, fruity white beer

Kriekbeer (4.5%)  £6.25
Cherry beer – fruity and slightly bitter

Framboise (5%)  £7
Raspberry beer – fruity, sweet and slightly bitter

Orval (6.2%)  £6.75
A fruity and slightly acidic taste, great character and complexity. Fermented three times with three different malts and two types of hops

Kasteel (11%) £7
Malty, sweet, rich flavour. Hints of caramel, chocolate and spice!

Boon Geuze (7%)  £6.50
Very fruity aroma with an underlying sourness & hint of sweetness. The finish is short and sour

Mongozo (5%)  £5.75
Gluten-free, organic and Fair Trade Pils

Jupiler (0.5%)  £4
Low alcohol variant of Belgium’s favourite pilsner

Stella Artois (5.2%)  £3.95

Leffe Blond or Brune (6.6%)  £5.50

Dry Cider  £4.50

Spirits (25ml measures)

Gordon’s Dry Gin – £4

Smirnoff Vodka – £4

Tequila – £4

House Brandy – £4 

Martell – £4.25


Captain Morgan Dark Rum – £4

Famous Grouse – £4

Jack Daniels – £4.25

Bell’s – £4

Glenfiddich (12 year) – £4.25

Cointreau – £4

Disaronno – £4


Baileys (50ml) – £4.25

Kahlua – £4

Malibu – £4

Midori – £4

Sambuca – £4

Mixers – 50p                    


Reds by the bottle/or glass:

Merlot Peculiar Mr Pat (Australia) £15.95 / £5.75

Rosso Piceno Organic (Italy 2009) £16.95 / £6.50

Artesa Rioja Red Organic (Spain) £17.50 / £6.75

Whites by the bottle/or glass:

Sauvignon False Bay (S Africa) £15.95 / £5.75

Muscadet Sever et Maine (France) £17.95 / £6.95

Rioja White organic (Italy) £17.50 / £6.75


Rosé by the bottle or glass:

False Bay (S Africa) £14.95 / £5.50

by the bottle only:

La Chapelle Premier Cru
(France)   £39.50

Sparkling Wine by the bottle only:

Prosecco Domenico de Bertiol £19.95

Irish Coffee – or similar   £4.50

Fair Trade Tea   £2.20

Selection of herbal teas   £2.20

Cappuccino / White coffee   £2.30/2.60 (large)

Espresso £2/ 2.50 (double)

Latte / Mocca  £2.30

Hot Chocolate £2.30

Black Coffee  £2.00 /2.20 (large)

Selection of fruit juices & soft drinks   £2

Lemonade San Pellegrino £2.50

Elderflower cordial  £2.50

Soya milk, oat milk and decaff coffee 20p 

Homemade chocolate, orange and walnut brownie   £4.25 (with ice/cream £4.95)

Liège Waffle – hot off the iron with fresh fruit & ice/cream    £4.50

Plain Liège Waffle   £3.25

Chocowafflettes  –  4 little Belgian chocolate waffles with ice/cream   £4.25

Fresh fruit – with a drizzle of honey, Greek yoghurt, ice cream or cream   £4.50

Vanilla or Stem Ginger Ice Cream, or Vegan Coconut Sorbet, with fruit coulis   £3.75)