Pic Irene Morgan

Guzzle, Puzzle & Nuzzle
with us at Bom-Bane’s
7pm on Friday Feb 14th!

You are romantically invited to enjoy
a delicious set three-course meal
and fun Valentine’s quiz
with friends, family or loved ones.

Come in a group of four
(or . . . singles, couples or threesomes
let us make you into one!)

£25 a head (bookings only)
01273 606400


VALENTINE’S DAY MENU (& love notes!)

Roast garlic & celery soup with courgette noodles & a dash of basil pistou oil

Garlic is a wonderful antioxidant and is known to increase the blood flow to certain key areas of the body…
Celery is laced with folate which help to regulate the production of histamine – the chemical released during an orgasm.

Aromatic basil has long been thought to stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility. In India the herb represents love and, more recently, friendship.

Olive oil is an excellent regulator of hormones – green olives are great for men and black olives give women a hormone lift.  

Savoury tarte tatin with confit tomato & aubergine, asparagus & avocado salad with arugula and pine nut pesto

Tomatoes or ‘Love Apples’ have long been depicted as a culinary representation of love and romance because of their colour and heart-like appearance.

The aubergine emoji has been adopted by modern day hieroglyphists as a symbol of the male, but this is nothing new as the aubergine has been exulted thus since the 11th century when Bagdad physician Ibn Butlan wrote about the aphrodisiacal properties of both the appearance and the consumption of the fruit/vegetable (which is it?!).

Asparagus is high in folic acid which is particularly good for the male libido, while the delicious soft flesh and alluring pear shape of the avocado has long represented love and romance throughout certain regions of Europe.

Arugula or rocket has been used as an arousal aid since Ancient Greek times.

Figs baked in a honey/agave & balsamico syrup with chocolate strawberries & ice cream/sorbet

Alongside strawberries, figs have courted a long association with love and fertility with their decadent pink innards and warm exotic flavour.

Honey contains the mineral boron which increases testosterone, helps the body utilise oestrogen and has long been used as an aphrodisiac in Greek, Italian and in Nordic cultures.  

They say eating chocolate releases the ‘love hormone’ and can make you feel happy, as endorphins are released while you’re eating the moreish brown confectionary and bind with opiate receptors in the brain. Yum.