Feb 28th: Bom-Bane’s proudly presents  Sorry sold out now!
E-flyer REDDER on tour

March 23rd and April 13th:
Jane Bom-Bane’s Greatest Hats 7pm £17.50 for meal and show
Jane with Eliza Skelton will serve you a set 2-course meal, then play a selection of original songs, to the accompaniment of guitar, harmonium and mechanical hats…


Dr Bramwell Lectures Series #6
Modern Mysteries and Weird Wonders
Wed April 17th 8pm-10pm £8


A brand new lecture for 2019 that delves into the world’s most bizarre and enigmatic phenomena. I’ll be drawing on contemporary folklore and unsolved mysteries to explore some of the strangest and most enduring stories of our modern age, including:
Who is behind the ghostly number stations that transmit coded messages across our airwaves and the Twittersphere?
Why do human feet keep washing up on a beach in British Columbia?
Why are a million Japanese unable to leave their bedrooms?
Is Prince Philip really a Volcano god?
Is the NHS practising Voodoo?
Who is the mysterious ‘Toynbee Tiler’ leaving the message ‘Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter’ across the streets of North and South America? And what does it have to do with David Mamet?
Can Brian Eno play the clarinet?

Modern Mysteries and Weird Wonders will leave you entertained and reeling in the knowledge that the world is just as strange today as it was to our ancestors thousands of years ago. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

For tickets email janebombane@yahoo.co.uk

Bom-Bane poster online.jpgOverall this is a genuinely warming piece of musical theatre delivered with skill and panache by Bridge. It stays confident in its calmness and the hour glides by. Debbie Bridge carries off all the well-chosen songs. Without microphone she’s raw, real live and spot on.” – Paul Levy – Fringe Review

“An adept storyteller, Bridge is likable and ebullient, versatile and purposeful in bringing tragicomic Anita to life. If you’ve ever slept in your tap shoes, belted a Babs-Judy-Liza medley in the shower or were picked last for every sport, Miss Givings should take pride of place on your festival agenda; a perfectly pleasant way to spend an evening.” – Amy Holtz – Broadway Baby

A tribute to American composing legends Samuel Barber, Amy Beach, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland and theGershwin’s.