19th The Spakling Darkness 8pm £8


There were two in the boat… 

Thallasophobia is a fear of deep water.

Thallasophoria then, is an ecstacy induced by the same.

Performer Rachel Blackman and musician Foz Foster divine performances from deep water, in a collection of new writings, reflections and songs made especially for Bom-Banes beloved restaurant. 

The Sparkling Darkness:
How we long for it.
How we fear it.
How some jewels aren’t revealed ’til we risk it.
How some would prefer to ride in the party boat forever.
Come with us on a secular journey into the Great Holy Doubt as the darkness gathers in… 

7pm for food – booking essential

November 7th 8pm £10
Details to follow

November 16th:

Please book!


November 17th: Bom-Bane’s Box of Eclectic Delights: Against the Grain!
Super Special Fridays’ Monthly Musique et Mange

7pm £27.50
Performace by Against the Grain


Stir fry marinated salad with toasted sprouted barley with sweet and sour chilli dressing
Fennel, kohlrabi, savoy cabbage, Chinese green beans, pickled ginger, cucumber relish, sprouted barley

Three grain tabbouleh with poached harissa steak cut against the grain, root vegetables slow roasted in a salt crust, and red onion confit
Vegetable waterzooi with “vegan scallops” and 3 grain sourdough bread

Julienned celeriac, carrots, leeks, tamari “scallop” king oyster mushroom stems in sweet and sour creamy sauce, Bom-Bane’s made sourdough bread (spelt, khorasan, wheat).

Vegan coco meringues with whiskey cream and rolled sweet grain with fruit sauce



Nov 28th: The Cocktail Party’s pre-Christmas Spesh! Details to follow…


Christmas Show 2017!
1 – 22nd December. Booking now.


Victorian Figgy Pudding jam and goat’s cheese on Christmas Crackers

Sarah Clara Greenwood’s Venison Pot au Feu* with celeriac mash, roast honeyed carrots and seasonal greens. Served with chestnut and apricot stuffing

*Veg/an version: with black bean and cashew.

Sixties’ Sunday Best: fruiti-tutti, wobbly-bobbly, dream-cream upside down Christmas tree, with a cherry on the top!

    Thursday 19 July 2018

 Concert with food beforehand: £25 for the night



Traditional Songs and Music

accompanied by Robin on harp and guitar.

SCALARAMA SEPT FESTIVAL at B-B’s – Jubilations! The Spirit of 1977:

Supper’n’Screen for £7.77!

 Scalarama is a film festival with a DIY ethos at its heart: if you love films and want to share them, then why not show them yourself?
The punk rock movement grew out of a similar desire for creating something different, something new – DIY music, fashion, art, films!
This year Luxbry and Bom-Bane’s celebrate the punk scene with four films as theatrical and self-mythologising as the people they portray –
Sid and Nancy – Punk’s own Romeo and Juliette…
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – Ian Dury proving that the pen is mightier than the chord…
Sid and Nancy (1986) Alex Cox


Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2010) Mat Whitecross (Ian Dury biog)


Scary Bom-Bary: October Films at Bom-Banes

Screen and Supper for a Silly £7.77!  To book: Phone 01273 606400 janebombane@yahoo.co.uk or call in.     Food at 7, Film at 8   bom-banes.com

Dead of Night (1945)
Dead-of-Night-1 Perhaps the single most influential “portmanteau” film ever made. An architect senses impending doom as his half-remembered recurring dream turns into reality…

The Innocents (1961) Deborah Kerr and Peter Wyngarde, directed by Jack Clayton


Cape Fear (1962) Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Martin Balsam, and Polly Bergen.


Shadow of the Vampire (2000) William Dafoe, John Malcovich, Catherine Mac Cormack , directed by Elias Merhige