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By popular demand! Three-course meal included:

Olde unlevened Bom-Bane bread and home-made cheese served with refreshing medium vintage cider or apple juice

Authentic Pavilion WW1 South Indian aubergine and cherry tomato curry (or Sausage ‘n’ Mash for kids, if they prefer)
Beef and water spinach casserole with lotus, sweet pickled ginger & rice

Thumbelina’s 60s Special jelly fruity trifle

Let us know about allergies etc. Book 01273 606400 or, from March 1st,

Other May Shows booking now:
All £8/£18 for show with special set menu:
Vegan aubergine and cherry tomato curry
Beef and water spinach casserole s/w mash
(let us know when you book)

Eves 8pm/days * 3pm
Book via or 01273 606400

3rd (FULL) at 8pm and 5th at 3pm Nick Pynn
Legendary multi-instrumentalist and composer, joined on some numbers by Kate Daisy Grant

4th and 5th at 8pm
Kate Daisy Grant
Beautiful and profound songs and arrangements delivered specially for you with Kate’s spine-tingling voice. Accompanied by Nick Pynn


6th and 7th: Rachel Blackman/Foz: The Sparkling Darkness
An exciting lyrical, musical and visual play…

“There were two in the boat… 
Thallasophobia is a fear of deep water.
Thallasophoria then, is an ecstacy induced by the same. 
Performer Rachel Blackman and musician Foz Foster divine performances from deep water, in a collection of new writings, reflections and songs made especially for Bom-Bane’s.
The Sparkling Darkness: 
How we long for it. 
How we fear it. 
How some jewels aren’t revealed ’til we risk it. 
How some would prefer to ride in the party boat forever. 
Come with us on a secular journey into the Great Holy Doubt as the darkness gathers in.”

The SDrachFoz

8th Becca Dyer
Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, looper and all-round genius
Becca Dyer brings you a young and thoughtful sound all of her own…

11th 8pm Prof Hawley’s 60s Acoustic Jukebox Sing-along!

60s jukeboxjukebox.jpg

Come and sing out your old favourites from 1963 to 1973 with Sheffield’s own human musical box, joined by the Bom-Bane Singers. Make your requests when you book…

Sat 28th April and May 12th. Bookings only
Jane Bom-Bane’s Greatest Hats: 2-course meal and performance with original songs, harmoniums and mechanical hats! 7pm £17.50. (May £18)

13th 3pm Los Bonobos
Left of centre local but also Anglo/Franco/German cabaret with humour and astonishing guitar-playing


15th 8pm The Silver Swans
Jane Bom-Bane, Emma Kilbey and Eliza Skelton sing their
long white necks and socks off in close harmony.
Madrigals, old folk songs and a few originals…

17th and 31st May: Jo Neary and Ben Moor
Jo Neary Presents ‘Celia’s Guide To Being A Wife’

Celia and a group of willing volunteers from Toxington North explore a hundred years of Voting And Not Voting from 1918 up the present day.
This thrilling historical talk will celebrate 100 years of some people getting the vote by looking at compelling events across the years from hashtag metoo and making the decision to become gender free, to the alleged changing size of the Mars Bar.
Reviews for Jo’s previous shows =
‘Hilarious off-kilter talent’ Sunday Telegraph
‘character actress par excellence’ Guardian
Celia Jesson, repressed housewife, is one of multi award winning character comedian Jo Neary’s best-loved creations. Celia has appeared on Radio 3 last year (The Verb), as well as BBC Online, BBC3, ITV and E4 series Dogface. In 2016 Celia appeared in her own show ‘Faceful Of Issues’ which was nominated for Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival.

Xavier Itter Photography

Ben Moor presents PRONOUN TROUBLE
Miscellaneous subjects that crossed my mind while listening to a lecture about Chuck Jones’s Hunting Trilogy (1951-53) (which was nevertheless really good)…

Ben is sitting in a lecture about a series of Chuck Jones cartoons, but his thoughts drift off in various directions.  There’s his friendship with the person he came with, the T-shirts he has at home, his favourite words, his favourite books, and the schism on London’s high streets between the conflicting denominations of launderettes and laundrettes.
And all the while, the lecturer is following her own sweet way, exploring new meanings in the films, quoting obscure academics & offering a different way of looking at the world.
Are any of us following the script?
Aren’t we all in some kind of pronoun trouble?
Using Powerpoint and stand-up, Pronoun Trouble combines a fact-adjacent lecture about three extraordinary cartoons & a whole ton of other topics that sometimes come to mind.

Ben Moor has been producing solo comedy pieces since 1993. His most recent solo show, ‘Each of Us’, was described by The Guardian as “A moving satire on the arbitrariness of the everyday, rivaling the best of Douglas Adams in its witty conjugation of cultural norms and ephemera.”


21st 8pm £8
I’m This I’m That play the wonderful music of Moondog, with special New York Street food for the Festival price (£10), details of which coming soon.

‘I’m This I’m That’ are a 7- piece electro-acoustic band with a line-up that includes Cor Anglais and home-made Frankenbone, (half-French horn, half-trombone) who play the mesmerising music of Moondog, a favourite on the Bom-Bane’s playlist.
Louis Hardin – aka Moondog, was an avant-garde composer, musician, poet and inventor of several musical instruments, who influenced the likes of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, but whose music has also been performed by Julie Andrews.
Also known as The Viking of 6th Avenue, he busked on the streets of New York throughout the seventies.
Review of I’m This, I’m That  The Old Dentist, Chatsworth Rd, London – May 2017
“These 7 apparently normal human beings just took on the orchestrations of the mighty Moondog, in the dilapidated waiting room of a disused dentist’s surgery on my local high street (could it be any more Hackney?) and blew me (and the other people in the room) away. Every member of the band astonished me at some point in the proceedings and I had tears in my eyes more than once at the sheer beauty of what was happening. My phone camera could never do it justice, and it hasn’t, so tough, you should have been there.  Moondog is coming.”  NJ Cannon


22nd George Egg/Jon Hicks~




24th Eliza Skelton & Band

Wonderful songs & musicianship, and Heaven’s own voice here at Bom-Bane’s… Eliza’s new album preview tonight!



Other May Shows booking now:
All £8/£18 for show with special set menu:
Vegan aubergine and cherry tomato curry
Beef and water spinach casserole
(let us know when you book)
Eves 8pm/days * 3pm
Book via or 01273 606400


Festifood’n’Film £7.77 each Wed 7pm.

MAY FESTIVAL: Celebrating the 60s!
FAB FILMS and FOREWORDS 1965 – 1969
Still a Silly £7.77 for Screen ‘n’ Scrummy Supper. Special Nosh. Food 7pm Film 8pm. Puddings at half-time. Please book 01273 606400

During May we are showing five varied films from the 1960s, with introductions/talks

May 2nd BE MY GUEST 1965
Delightful film set in the sixties before it was really swinging and & David Hemmings before he was a star. He plays a young lad from London whose family inherit a guest house in Brighton. He and his mates (including a young Steve Marriott) end up writing a pop song as well as having fun by the sea. The bloke who plays Sid James’ son in Bless This House crops up in this film as well as Lionel Blair’s sister, Joyce. It’s all very innocent stuff & features cameos by Jerry Lee Lewis and the Nashville Teens & it features scenes filmed inside the Brighton Hippodrome!
May 9th THE FAMILY WAY 1966British comedy-drama film based on Bill Naughton’s play All in Good Time (1963). It began life in 1961 as a television play, Honeymoon Postponed. The film was produced and directed by John and Roy Boulting, respectively, and starred father and daughter John Mills and Hayley Mills, and Hywel Bennett.
May 16th VIY 1967
Russian film adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s story was for a long time the only horror film made in the Soviet Union. A young priest is ordered to preside over the wake of witch in a small old wooden church of a remote village. This means spending three nights alone with the corpse with only his faith to protect him.
May 23rd ROSEMARY’S BABY 1968

American psychological horror film written and directed by Roman Polanski, based on the bestselling 1967 novel of the same name by Ira Levin. The cast features Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer, Maurice Evans, Ralph Bellamy, Angela Dorian, Clay Tanner, and Charles Grodin in his debut film role.

American drama film directed by Sydney Pollack. The screenplay by James Poe and Robert E. Thompson is based on the 1935 novel of the same name by Horace McCoy. In the midst of the Great Depression, manipulative Rocky (Gig Young) enlists contestants for a dance marathon offering a $1,500 cash prize. Among them are a failed actress (Jane Fonda), a middle-aged sailor (Red Buttons), a delusional blonde (Susannah York) and a pregnant girl (Bonnie Bedelia).

Days turn into weeks as the competition drags on and people either drop out or expire…